Steven Klaif for Judge 2014

Judicial Experience Matters!

Steven is the most qualified Judicial Candidate for Seat 113. His experience includes
bullet Presiding over hundreds of cases in Los Angeles County courtrooms
bullet Extensive courtroom and case management skills
bullet Sound judgment and fair rulings
bullet Rigorous adherence to the law
There is a lot to be said for electing someone to the Judiciary who has been doing this work for years. As a Referee, Steven is charged with courtroom responsibilities of a Judge in the Juvenile Court system; he rules on cases, wears the judicial robe and is addressed as “Your Honor”. Steven doesn’t have to learn the job - he is already doing it.

Elect Steven Klaif for Superior Court Judge, Seat 113 on June 3, 2014

Steven has made a difference in the lives of so many children and families in Los Angeles communities.